Basic Nursing Care

Basic Nursing Care

Fundamental nursing care refers to a set of essential health and hygiene practices that are necessary for every patient to attend to. Basic home nursing services encompass tasks such as showering, teeth brushing, and hand washing. Additionally, basic nursing care may include healthy eating, adequate sleep, and regular exercise. When seeking basic nursing care, it is crucial to employ a qualified and experienced individual capable of meeting your specific requirements. A nursing provider will assist you with daily tasks like feeding, bathing, dressing, and managing medical needs. Numerous types of nursing assistants are available for hire, including home nursing services, home health nurses, and home health aides. The primary distinction between these nursing assistants is their experience and proficiency level. Home health nurses possess the highest level of experience and offer care and support directly in your home.

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At-home nursing services provide medical care in the comfort of your own home, including assistance with feeding and bathing. Home health nurses, who typically work in hospitals or clinics, can also provide medical care services. In addition to nursing services at home, there are different types of nursing assistants available for hire, such as home health nurses and home health aides. The primary distinction among these nursing assistants is their level of expertise and experience. Home health nurses possess the highest level of experience and are capable of providing comprehensive care and support directly in your home. It is worth noting that nursing care services at home can also cater to your medical needs, such as feeding and bathing.

Why Home Nursing Services Are Growing?

For those who require nursing care but prefer to be close to their loved ones, home-based nursing care services have become a popular choice. These services provide the convenience of having a nurse visit your home while still offering the same level of care as a nursing facility. At-home nursing care programs are designed to provide patients with in-home nursing care, including medication administration, wound care, and other basic health care services. Typically, home health care services are provided by nurses who are familiar with the patient’s medical history and current health conditions.

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The cost of services offered by an organization is significantly influenced by the type of service provided. Nursing homes that offer extensive services typically charge higher fees compared to those offering basic services. Specialized support is available for older adults who require at-home care throughout the day. If you are in search of elderly care services in Dubai, Ibn Sina can assist you. Our services are both comprehensive and reasonably priced. You can peruse our offerings or contact our team to schedule an appointment.

At Ibn Sina, we provide top-notch medical services, bringing the best in-home health care to our clients. Our services include home diagnostics, Doctor On Call, Nurse On Call, Physiotherapy at Home, and many other related services. You can book an appointment with us and avail of our services in just 30 minutes! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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